UMass researchers block Down syndrome chromosome


Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School have found a way to shut down the extra chromosome that causes the developmental problems and intellectual disabilities in people with Down syndrome.

The result was accomplished only with human cells grown in laboratory dishes. The UMass team found a way to suppress the expression of that extra chromosome, raising the possibility that eventually, a similar shutdown could be engineered in people.


UMass Lacrosse Wins ’13 Season Opener

The Minutemen have started the 2013 regular season the way in which all of the 2012 regular season went — with a win.

A quick reminder; last year’s lacrosse squad was undefeated and ranked #1 in the nation, but was ultimately defeated in the opening round of the NCAA tourney.

On Sunday, at a snowy Garber, the UMass Minutemen put together a solid performance and came away with a win against Army.

Next up; the Tar Heels of UNC. The game will take place in Atlanta, actually. With anotherĀ  win — it would be a huge way to open the season for UMass. The knock on the team last year was in regards to the “easier” schedule which the team enjoyed in 2012. A win against a perennially good team like the Tar Heels can’t hurt.

Hoops Gets Another Big Win — More Big Games On The Horizon

After a disappointing loss at Charlotte, the Minutemen have stepped up their game. First, the game URI a pounding to the tune of a 28-point defeat. Last night, the team continued their strong play against a more formidable St. Joe’s team. Saturday night’s game in frontĀ  of a large student section ended in a 22-point win for UMass.

I call the last two wins big only due to the margin of victory. The Minutemen should have won those games. Next up are two truly big games for the Minutemen — a Valentine’s Day night showdown at VCU and a home game against rival Temple on Saturday evening.

A huge shoutout to the students that packed the Mullins Center despite Saturday night’s snow. It’s clear that the team appreciates it. And this time they responded.

BC Fires Football Coach Frank Spaziani


The Boston College Eagles won the same amount of games against 1A opponents as the UMass Minutemen in 2012. Things in Chestnut Hill are not exactly looking great. Now there head coach of four seasons is gone. If ever there was a chance for an upstart local program to gain ground — it’s now.

Boston College makes the trip down 95 to Gillette to open the 2014 season on August 30th.

So you are saying there’s a chance…

UMass Football: What To Be Thankful For

For starters, I am thankful that the football program got that first win out of the way. That is actually a bigger deal than you may realize. Sure the win means nothing in the long run, bBut it takes that money off the team’s collective back. Additionally, it takes ammo away from the negative mudslingers. So, thank you, Akron.

Football at the University of Massachusetts is steering the ship. As it is at 9 out of 10 major universities.

UMass Nation should be thankful that the administration finally pulled the trigger on the FBS move. Time was running out. In what it is now an endless conference carousel, the university can be a much more attractive package as it pertains to future super conferences.

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UMass Football Gives A Gift To Buffalo

Saturday was a great day for a football game. Autumn in Foxboro on a crisp November afternoon is tremendous. The Minutemen came out strong. But an impressive opening drive ended in no points, when the officials decided not to review a close TD run.

On that run, one official (on the near side) called it a touchdown and the other official (on the far side) did not. Inexplicably, the officials went with the call from the more distant referee.

Although UMass played tough and took a 13-0 lead into half, there was no doubt in my mind that those 7 points would be sorely missed.

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Football: Where Do We Stand Heading Into The Buffalo Game?

I wrote that “Where Do We Stand” post for hoops last night. This morning I found myself thinking about where the football team is at this point in the season. This afternoon, new regional rival the University of Buffalo makes its first visit to Gillette on Band Day.

I’m seeing a lot of predictions of a 2 and 3 touchdown loss… from UMass fans.

Now, this could EASILY happen. I know this. But, this is one of the games I was hoping could be close from the day the schedule was released. Now that we have seen this team for several weeks, I hope today’s showing can be more along the lines of the Ohio and Miami games (at the very least). Moreover, the team is coming off a win. Building on that first win would be a huge step forward for the program.

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