Hoops Gets Another Big Win — More Big Games On The Horizon

After a disappointing loss at Charlotte, the Minutemen have stepped up their game. First, the game URI a pounding to the tune of a 28-point defeat. Last night, the team continued their strong play against a more formidable St. Joe’s team. Saturday night’s game in frontĀ  of a large student section ended in a 22-point win for UMass.

I call the last two wins big only due to the margin of victory. The Minutemen should have won those games. Next up are two truly big games for the Minutemen — a Valentine’s Day night showdown at VCU and a home game against rival Temple on Saturday evening.

A huge shoutout to the students that packed the Mullins Center despite Saturday night’s snow. It’s clear that the team appreciates it. And this time they responded.

Basketball: Where Do We Stand Now?

We got one. Barely, though. That one win was against PC. The Friars had a lackluster lead-up to Puerto Rico. Providence only beat NJIT by a point.

Fast forward about a week from NJIT’s visit to Providence, and UMass handed the Friars a heartbreaking one point loss. It was another great game. However, it was a less than impressive outing overall for the Minutemen.

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Edmond Sumner Received UMass Offer

The University of Massachusetts started the effort to increase its presence in Detroit this weekend. Class of 2014 guard, Edmond Sumner, received a verbal offer. Sumber, who plays his AAU ball for The Family (the former home of new UMass assistant Marlon Williamson), is a highly touted prospect. Both ESPN and Rivals has given him a 4-star rating.

It’s very early in the game, in regards to these 2014 kids. Many more offers will come Sumner’s way. However, hopefully, Amherst (a.k.a. Detroit-east) and coach Williamson will be an enticing place for Sumner to call home when he takes the next step. Additionally, for a point guard that likes to run and gun, UMass is the place to be.

A Take On The Would Be New UMass Logo

That is the rumored new UMass helmet, as seen on a physical letter to a 2013 recruit. I’m not going to necessarily compare this new logo to the old UMass logo (seen in this websites top banner). What I am going to attempt to do is explain in what ways the new logo could be an improvement.

1. Achieve consistency in UMass’ athletics branding.

This new logo and scheme could usher in a new era of consistent athletic branding. In 2004, when I arrived in Amherst, the basketball court had a massive Sam the Minuteman logo at center court.

And that makes sense. I thought. After all, that was the UMass athletics logo. Then something happened. The university started to push that logo out, at least just a bit. That included re-painting the center court at the Mullins Center.

So are we using the Sam logo, or not? It was still used on TV and other promotional items, but was taken off the court. Why? The logo change, along with taking the maroon off the baselines, really leaves the court lacking some flair and personality. Additionally, the new center court logo is significantly smaller than the old Sam logo. This aspect will be further discussed under point number two.

In 2012, if the football helmet is changed, the court (and the rest of hoop’s branding) should likely change as well. This consistency will help give Massachusetts athletics a more solidified athletic identity.

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