Football: Where Do We Stand Heading Into The Buffalo Game?

I wrote that “Where Do We Stand” post for hoops last night. This morning I found myself thinking about where the football team is at this point in the season. This afternoon, new regional rival the University of Buffalo makes its first visit to Gillette on Band Day.

I’m seeing a lot of predictions of a 2 and 3 touchdown loss… from UMass fans.

Now, this could EASILY happen. I know this. But, this is one of the games I was hoping could be close from the day the schedule was released. Now that we have seen this team for several weeks, I hope today’s showing can be more along the lines of the Ohio and Miami games (at the very least). Moreover, the team is coming off a win. Building on that first win would be a huge step forward for the program.

That Ohio game sticks out in my mind (along with flashes at Michigan and Miami). It’s haunting. The Minutemen looked good. About as good as a transitional team can look against very good competition. The team had some confidence those last three weeks in September. After hitting some low points since — and consequently losing all the confidence that had built up — I hope that the team comes out strong today coming off that first win.

It’s a great day for football — basically perfect weather for November. Lastly, congrats to all the bands participating in the annual UMass Band Day tradition.