UMass Football: What To Be Thankful For

For starters, I am thankful that the football program got that first win out of the way. That is actually a bigger deal than you may realize. Sure the win means nothing in the long run, bBut it takes that money off the team’s collective back. Additionally, it takes ammo away from the negative mudslingers. So, thank you, Akron.

Football at the University of Massachusetts is steering the ship. As it is at 9 out of 10 major universities.

UMass Nation should be thankful that the administration finally pulled the trigger on the FBS move. Time was running out. In what it is now an endless conference carousel, the university can be a much more attractive package as it pertains to future super conferences.

We are seeing this already.

The Big East (once again) is having issues. Of course, this is stemming from the football side of the house, where the almighty dollar rules.The once power conference will be seeking football teams for 2014 and beyond.

Whether the Big East ends up pursuing UMass is yet to be determined. That fact is; UMass is a viable option for the Big East. There aren’t a ton of options for the fallen conference. Basketball, lacrosse and now football are all chips which the university can use to position itself as the top-tier, public, research university it should be.

It’s baby steps, but be thankful that UMass is taking the leap in the correct direction.