Analysis Of MAC Coaching Salaries

Kevin Morris’ base salary was $200,000 per season while at UMass. One would assume that the university will have to pony up a bit more to get a FBS-level coach in to Amherst.

In an attempt to benchmark other pertainent coaching salaries, I sought out the school paid portion of the current Mid-American Conference head coach’s compensation packages. In other words, this is only base salary. It does not include potential bonus payouts, nor does it include money from outside contracts (such as weekly radio shows).

I have been able to compile 12 of the 13 coaches salaries.

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Kevin Morris Fired From UMass Head Coaching Gig

University of Massachusetts head football coach Kevin Morris has been released from his contract, as announced this morning by Athletic Director John McCutcheon.

The Past

This is no surprise. I commend the university for making a quick decision over the weekend. I’m sure the decision was made that much easier when Morris failed to get his team to show up for the final game at McGuirk as UMass’ full-time home.

Although a decision like this cannot be made solely based on fans musings, Morris had lost just about everyone’s support at this point. The time was right to make a change as the university overhauls the football program.

During Morris’ time at the helm, the Minutemen went 16-17. The UMass press release states that coach Morris went 40-49 in nine years as a head coach. That seems a bit fabricated. Those 89 games include his six year stinit at Worcester Polytech, as well as the three seasons in Amherst. WPI is, as you would expect, a Division III program. This is precisely the problem in Amherst. The university has had one foot in the door towards being a national program for a decade. It’s time to take the next step. A DIII head coach is not going to cut it at the next level. The administration can’t be shocked that they find themselves in this position today.

McCutcheon’s statement reads in part;

Performance was a big part of it. Obviously we were hoping to build momentum toward that transition and the past two seasons of what we saw, particularly on the field, just wasn’t heading in the direction that we know we need to head in. That was the primary reason for the change.

On-field performance was not up to par according the the AD. I’d have to agree. It isn’t what I want out of the football program. However, a 16-17 record is damn good for someone with zero pertinent head coaching experience.

As cliche as it is; you often get what you pay for.

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Welcome To UMass Nation

This morning Kevin Morris was relieved of his duties as UMass’ head football coach. This evening Derek Kellogg brings the basketball team to Conte Forum to take on Boston College.

It’s another important day for UMass Athletics. There seems to have been a lot of those in recent years.

For that reason — among others — I’ve been wanting to start this website for several years. Today seemed as good a time as any. At this point, I’m not even sure what form this site will take. What I do know is that I am a passionate supporter of the University of Massachusetts. Of course, this includes, but is not limited to, the university’s athletic teams.

Ideally, I hope to further improve the engagement of the Minutemen fanbase through the content published on this website.

So, welcome to the UMass Nation.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the pride (or often lack-thereof) shown by UMass alumni. To a certain extent, I agree it is a problem. However, I believe it to be fixable. That is, as long as you remember something.

You were. You are. UMass.