BC Fires Football Coach Frank Spaziani


The Boston College Eagles won the same amount of games against 1A opponents as the UMass Minutemen in 2012. Things in Chestnut Hill are not exactly looking great. Now there head coach of four seasons is gone. If ever there was a chance for an upstart local program to gain ground — it’s now.

Boston College makes the trip down 95 to Gillette to open the 2014 season on August 30th.

So you are saying there’s a chance…

UMass Football Recruiting Check-In For 2013

It’s early into the football commitment season. Verbals have just started to come in at an accelerated pace, but there is a ton more that must fall into place before 2013 classes are fully evaluated. That won’t stop us from evaluating the class thus far.

Here is how Massachusetts stacks up against some other schools you may have heard of:

The sole point of this is to see — at a very high level — how UMass is fairing thus far against some of the other Northeast football programs. It’s not all inclusive, but this does show that UMass is at least competitive with some of the other big programs in the region.

Editor’s Note: BC, Uconn, Temple recruits are as of 7/8/12.

Recruiting: Boston College Is Dominating Uconn In Connecticut


David Coggins just gave a verbal (tweet) to Chestnut Hill. Coggins is an injury prone 2 – 3 star WR prospect from Sacred Heart in CT. This led me to wonder where the top tier of Connecticut high school players are choosing to play after next season. So, here is how the state of Connecticut is being recruited thus far in 2013:

Those are the top-5, per Rivals. And BC is DOMINATING Uconn.

With Uconn clearly struggling to lock down the home turf, this could be an area that UMass can make some waves, too.

[via Rivals]

Charlie Molnar Already Dislikes BC, Uconn


“There are two other 1A schools in our area. They both are in different conference than we’re in — Boston College and Uconn. I really go to bed every night thinking about those two schools, and wake up thinking about those schools. I’m thinking about ways we can beat them in every single thing that we do.”

The goal is to be the best team in New England, as Molnar puts it.

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Belated Breakdown: UMass’ Beating Of Boston College Basketball

The joking alliteration above just really fell in my lap. I had to do it. I must start off by saying; this is a pretty good note to start the basketball portion of this website on. Maybe that’s why I am giddily writing cheesy headlines.

82-46, UMass over BC. That has a great ring to it.

I will start out on a positive note for Boston College (since there won’t be many). Freshman Patrick Heckman is going to be a good ACC player.

This game started out very even. It was literally a one possession game until about three-fourths of the way through the first half. Remember, it was in fact 16 – 8 Boston College at one point. It wasn’t until the later part of that half when UMass was able to go on a 29 – 9 run.

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