UMass Football Quarterback Questions

Kellen Pagel entered the first practice of 2012 as the the number one QB for the Minutemen. After being limited on Friday, Pagel has not practices since.

In his absence, we have heard that Mike Wegzyn has taken the majority of the first team snaps. AJ Doyle has taken over the second QB slot. Brandon Hill seems to be M.I.A. and out of favor with Coach Molnar. Not sure exactly why this is the case. Adding to the mystery, Molnar has been mum on what ails Pagel.

Molnar did tell Matty V. that Pagel would have to see a doctor today. In the same breadth, he mentioned how much work Wegzyn and Doyle could use under center. Kellen’s injury is setting the stage for the two potential backups to get reps.

This isn’t a ringing endorsement at the quarterback position, for a team that is slated to be quite pass happy, in a league which is known for offense.

These QB issues come just a few years after the Minutemen had a stalwart player under center — Liam Coen. Coen is long gone, and stability at qarterback could be a ways away.

On the bright side, reports state that the defense has looked good. However, in the MAC, defense isn’t the name of the game. Eight of the twelve MAC teams allowed an average of 28 points or more in 2011. UMass opponents averaged 27.9 points.

Molnar did say that Wegzyn improved from Sunday to Monday. Only time (and a lot more practicing) will tell if a healthy Kellen Pagel, or Mike Wegzyn is the QB for this 2012 Minutemen team. What I do know is that if the fall/winter of 2012 is spent looking for the correct quarterback, it may be a long Autumn in Foxboro.

The team was not in full pads yesterday. They will be today.

  • tdmass

    Pagel was injured a lot last year getting 2 concussions. Can’t see him making the whole year without being injured in a
    much tougher league. Your concerns are real!

  • TeamFirst2323

    Brandon Hill can flat out play when given the opportunity. Why does he keep getting passed over. If it is a personal grudge with the coach, I feel bad for the rest of the team. He should without question be under center this season