RUMOR: UMass To Wear Black, Maroon, And White Adidas Techfits

We have received word that UMass will have a “black, maroon and white” uniform this year. The uniforms will be made by Adidas, and will be of the “Techfit” variety.

Here is an example of what an Adidas Techfit uni looks like:

More photos…

Maybe UMass won’t only use the “all black everything” unis at home, as we originally heard? Or maybe they have been scrapped all together?

UPDATE: Shane Huber confirms…

The black, maroon and white scheme is not yet 100% confirmed. Additionally, we are unsure where this puts the “all black everything” unis. More news as it develops.

  • rodreamz

    Idk know about the all black but black on top and another color on the bottom sounds dope…if the helmets were flat black too it would be even more official