New York Post: Meet the new Cruz

As it stands now, Julian Talley is a long shot to make the Giants’ 2012 roster. His reps during team drills have been limited and he’s buried amid a cluster of wide receivers trying to impress the coaching staff while Hakeem Nicks is sidelined with a foot injury.

But Talley isn’t about to get frustrated. Not when he has a living example of how long odds can be overcome. A native of Sicklerville, N.J., Talley is an undrafted free agent from UMass. Sound familiar?

“That’s big brother right there,” Talley said of Victor Cruz, another wide receiver from UMass who faced long odds before having a breakout season last year. “Throughout my whole career in college he’s been a great mentor, like a brother for me. Him being here is definitely encouraging.”

[via NY Post]