Shane Huber Enjoyed His UMass Visit

Saying Shane enjoyed his trip to Amherst seems like a big understatement, actually.

I wrote last week that Shane Huber would be in Amherst over the weekend. He is an inside linebacker from New Jersey. Huber spoke to XOFan about his experiences at UMass:

“It was the most impressive visit I’ve taken by far,” Huber said. “Even without the new facilities they put on a show. The entire feel of the school and campus was outstanding and it was an outstanding visit. I spent a good five hours with Coach (Phil) Elmassian talking X’s and O’s and then I spoke with Coach (Charley) Molnar for about an hour as well. Then I got to go to the Isenberg School of Management and we listened to Glenn M. Wong who is an extremely impressive person. He’s an attorney, he works in sport’s law – he just does everything. He’s just a very ambitious guy.”

“We went around campus and went into the Berkshire where I met all of the players who were great kids,” Huber explained. “The Rec Center was one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen. It cost like $120 million and was just out of this world. There were basketball courts, tracks, palates, weights … just everything.”

“On top of that they’re doing groundbreaking for the new stadium, construction is everywhere for things like a new Honor’s Building and buildings for all 90 majors they have. The school is just ambitious in general, as was Coach Molnar.”

Huber also spoke a bit more about the football side of things:

“Their first three games they play Michigan, Indiana and Connecticut and then they play Vanderbilt,” Huber stated. “That’s pretty ambitious for a school that just jumped into the I-A level. Then the next few years they put Wisconsin, Florida, Boston College, Penn State, Notre Dame and Temple on the schedule – among others. I think they’re even working on USC.”

“What probably interested me the most about the football was that I could be part of building it from scratch, kind of like Ray Rice did at Rutgers. It could just turn into something great extremely quick. UMASS hasn’t gotten any slouch commitments. They’ve been bringing in really good players.”

Huber couldn’t speak anymore highly about Massachusetts. However, he still plans to visit UCF later this month.

[via Matt Alkire]