Hockey’s Coaching Search

There are two options for finding UMass’ next hockey coach. The first route is nabbing an assistant coach from another major program, most likely in Hockey East. The second scenario is luring a current head coach from a lesser program. Again, likely a Hockey East program.

A pretty exhaustive list of potential candidates was created by Fear The Triangle. Add to that list Qunnipiac’s coach Rand Pecknold, per Matt Vautour.

The better part of that Vautour story is this;

While earlier media reports stated Merrimack coach Mark Dennehy, a former UMass assistant under Cahoon, wasn’t a candidate, multiple sources said Dennehy is still in the picture.

Here’s why I am writing this…

Merrimack has been out recruiting Massachusetts for a few years now. That, I have to assume, is due to former UMass assistant, Coach Dennehy. Regardless of how it has happened, the notion that Merrimack and Lowell are out recruiting our school is enough to drive a Minuteman mad.

I’m not a hockey mind, but Dennehy would have to be one of my personal favorites at this time. Bang it over to Fear The Triangle for more on the search.