Tempering Expectations Over The Summer Break

Where have we been? No updates for 2+ months. Yikes! Well, to be honest, the lax loss really took a lot out of me, personally.

Even more honest; this is probably a feeling we need to get used to.

It’s extremely exciting that UMass will have its first FBS football game later this summer. Even more exciting? It’s against regional rival Uconn. However, it’s scary to think what the results could be.

Currently UMass is being projected as a 26-point underdog at Uconn.

If Massachusetts gets blown out in week one, it will be a big blow to the momentum that has been building. I am by no means expecting a victory over any established 1A programs in year number one. That said, keeping the game from getting out of hand in week one is important if we want to see a good crowd for Indiana’s visit to Gillette in week two. Moreover, a nice showing against a Big East team and/or a Big Ten team certainly won’t hurt Molnar’s ability to sell UMass to the class of 2013 going forward.

For me, 2012 won’t be as much about wins — those will be a bonus. It will be about starting to put a competitive 1A product on the field. To drive this point home, I’d say that a one win team, that keeps a half dozen games very close, might be better than a team that sneaks up on a few unsuspecting teams but gets blown out during the rest of the schedule.

That’s just my thought at this moment though.

Speaking of my thoughts — back to this website for a moment. I’m not sure what this site will turn into over the coming months. Since UMass has picked up interest in the areas of basketball and football, a number of new websites have popped up. If this site does continue, I don’t want it to be just another UMass blog. It’s not about us, though. It truly is all about the UMass nation.