Atlantic 10 Tourney: Minutemen Face #1 Seed In Atlantic City

The tip off is just a couple hours away now. If we weren’t excited enough, we got some inspiring quotes from the team’s leader this morning.

“We’re playing as a team and a unit and as a brotherhood, and we want to be successful in life, and it’s carrying over to the floor,’’ Chaz told the Globe. “Last year, if somebody took a bad shot on the floor, we would just stagnate. That’s not the case this season. We have a different mind-set.’’

Chaz is feeling good. Should UMass Nation?

Temple is the best team in the Atlantic 10. Not to mention; UMass has not exactly fared very well in AC over the years. The Globe writes, “UMass, on the other hand, is 0-6 in its last six outings in Atlantic City.” By my count UMass has only played 5 games in AC. But I hope the Globe has better fact checkers than me. However, I’m more certain I am not mistaken in saying that UMass isn’t just winless in their last six games, UMass has never won an A10 Tourney game in AC.

So, okay, the team has been downright awful in Atlantic City. However, this is indeed a different team.

Still, the Minutemen are 7.5 point dogs in today’s contest. So why feel confident?

Well, this UMass team just took the Owls to overtime at the end of February, although they ended up by losing by 2 points.

I have another big factor leaning UMass’ way.

Temple is a lock for the NCAA Tournament. At this point they have only seeding to play for. On the other hand, the Minutemen are fighting for their post-season lives.

I don’t want to put my hopes on Temple not showing up, because this UMass team can beat the Owls. They showed us that just about a week ago. However, as the final Atlantic 10 tournament in Atlantic City is about to get underway, I can’t help but be nervous. The thought of this program never winning a single game down there is horrifying. Think about that — it’s unbelievable.

At this point I will grasp on to any positives I can. Brotherhood on three.

[Quote via Globe]