UMass Signs 24 Recruits, With 1 More Pending

In the class there are two 3-star recruits (with a 3rd pending), and eleven 2-star recruits. It seems like a solid class considering just how short a time period this coaching staff has been in place.

Update: Added two stars to Langston, per ESPN.

Update 2: Added Cyr as a two star, per Rivals.

Update 3: Holifield has signed with Missouri.

  • Will

    where are you getting these star ratings? i keep reading we have these 3-star recruits, all of which are listed as 2 stars on espn, rivals, and i think scout. i could be wrong. thanks!

  • umassnation

    There are only 2 (maybe 3) three-star guys. They are listed above.

  • SJG$

    Any update on Holifield?

  • SJG$

    Did a little net-surfing homework over lunch. Looks like Holifield took a somewhat surprise visit to Missouri over the weekend, so I guess his recruitment is still very much up in the air. Evidently this kid is more of a basketball player, only played football this past year as a senior.

  • SJG$

    Holifield commited today to Missouri. Sounds like he is a hell of an athlete but how does a guy who only played one year of high school football, and was hurt during most of that one year, evaluate out as a 3 star? Crazy.