AJ Doyle Verbals To UMass

Happy Friday! This is some fantastic news to wake up to.

Did we just see the power of Charley Molnar’s passion? AJ met with Molnar yesterday afternoon. Keep in mind that it has been reported by Scout and other sources that Doyle has (had?) a visit scheduled at Purdue in January. Apparently the prominent Big Ten school was no match for Molnar’s pitch. Yesterday AJ verbal-ed to UMass on the spot.

There were internet musings that Purdue wouldn’t be only notable program kicking the tires on Doyle. Specifically, Uconn and even the SEC’s Arkansas have been mentioned as Doyle onlookers. It didn’t matter in the end as Molnar committed to doing more than just giving Doyle the old look-see. In turn Doyle committed to Molnar’s new program.

During his introductory presser, Molnar told the media that  he had not yet dove into the tape from this past season. It would appear he has by now. What he conveyed to Doyle tells us all we need to know about what the new coach thinks of Brandon Hill and Kellen Pagel. Molnar reportedly told AJ, “Basically, there was no other quarterback he’d rather want, being a Mass. guy and everything.”

Not a ringing endorsement of the two QBs that battled for the starting spot in 2011. “Obviously this was before I committed, but [he told me] if I had gone there, it’d be my job to lose as starting quarterback,” Doyle told ESPN Boston of yesterday’s visit.

Doyle will compete for the starting job immediately. Whichever quarterback performs at a MAC level; that QB will play. Adding Doyle to the mix can only enhance the competition at the position, and hopefully bring out the best in each individual.

Doyle has impressed me in one fashion already. He could have gone to an ACC school and played defense. Not too shabby, right? But that wasn’t what he truly wanted. AJ said he wanted to play quarterback at the FBS level. So what did he do? He went out and took the route that he more greatly desired. He made it happen.

That’s the kind of attitude I know I’d look for in a potential quarterback. And it’s that type of will and determination that a transitioning team needs. Molnar seems to agree.

“He told us everything he envisioned going on at UMass, and I couldn’t pass it up. It felt right,” Doyle told ESPN yesterday.

It does. It feels big. Brushing off a visit to a Big Ten campus is not a decision to be made lightly. Doyle feels strongly about coach Molnar and the direction of the Massachusetts football program. Certainly Doyle hopes he will be the guy leading the Minutemen in their very first FBS home game. Doyle will get an opportunity to make that happen. Ironically that home game at Gillette will be against the Big Ten’s own, Indiana.

[via The Herald and ESPN]

  • Wolfpack Alum

    I wish AJ was still coming to NC State, but I understand his desire to play QB and wish him all the best. He seems like the type of high character young man we all want representing our respective schools. Good luck AJ!

    • http://twitter.com/UMassNation @UMassNation

      Absolutely. You hit the nail on the head with the character comment. It does seem that way.

  • Will

    Great news. Hopefully Molnar's passion and energy continues past this opening month into the coming years.

  • LaFonda

    heisman trophy winner in the making