Reaction To Charley Molnar’s Introduction

Molnar made about as good a first impression during his press conference as any coach could. If you couldn’t view it, you really did miss out. Molnar got me excited about the hire almost instantly. Read the live coverage (completely with screengrabs) from yesterday here.

In a panel filled with distinguished men, Molnar was the best orator. He’s a tremendous speaker, and I’d hope and imagine that can translate to the ability to connect with prospective student athletes, coaches and fans.

Molnar called UMass by it’s full name on multiple occasions. That being the University of Massachusetts. No “Amherst” necessary. A big win right from the get-go. He seems like a guy who we will be proud to have representing this school’s athletic department.

As far as his past coaching — no head man experience. I know. That’s a big one. But, I think he has just about every other desirable characteristic. He has MAC experience. He has FBS experience. He has BCS experience. He isn’t exactly walking into this gig blindfolded. I said from the beginning that I’d likely prefer a high-level coordinator type to a 1AA head coach. Simply the name Notre Dame should offer some value from a recruiting and even fan prospective.

That said, it will all come down to how the team does on the field. It’s a five year deal for $250,000 per. As fans we must give him the standard 3 – 4 years to get his guys and fully implement his schemes. Hopefully it won’t be too painful a transition.

Honestly, this is how impressed I was of Molnar — I’m hoping the problem is going to be keeping him in Amherst after the program achieves some moderate success. I’m getting way ahead of the ball here. However, at this point, that will be a good problem to have.

As Molnar said, “Buy in today because the price is going to skyrocket. We’re going to the top.” The search is over. Let the next steps begin.

  • Will

    Loved the message that we should not only try to be the school of Massachusetts, but try to be the school of New England. Not much competition other than BC and UConn.

  • Leo

    UMass will start at the bottom of FBS, but they've got a great start with Molnar. Give him some time and a lot of patience, and he could lead the Minutemen to great things in the MAC.