Live Blog: The UMass Football Head Coach Press Conference

4:00pm —

Mauerer welcomes us to the Gillette Stadium press room.

4:04pm —

McCutcheon makes opening remarks. Very brief.

4:05pm —

Holub reads a prepared statement. Holub talks about playing football at the level of a great flagship university.

4:08pm —

Caret came all the way from Brazil for this. Caret opens by talking about the fact that, with rare exception, to be a top-tier public research university in the US, you must have a top-tier athletics program.

4:10pm —

Caret is nailing it. The marriage between athletic and academics is a real one. Like it or not. Caret even acknowledged that when a conference looks at being in a new school, that conference looks at both athletics and more importantly academics. It came across as a reference to the next step for the University of Massachusetts.

4:12pm —

Caret begins to talk about Molnar and his experience.

4:14pm —

Thomas thanks McCutcheon, Holub and President Caret as well as the Kraft family. He says the board is behind him and he cracks a joke about the board suiting up to play a few games.

4:17pm —

McCutcheon comes back. He says they actually started looking at candidates mid-season! Wow. Lew Perkins, former Uconn and Kansas AD, assisted in the process.

4:19pm —

Right off the bat; Molnar is clearly the best speaker of the bunch, which is quite remarkable. He says he is not a caretaker, he is a builder. He wants to build a program from the ground up. He gives the analogy of how it means more when his kids make something. That’s what he wants to do.

Molnar could not have come across better. I see how he interviewed so well. I’m glad has chosen Amherst as his next home.

Molnar says UMass should be New England’s football team. The team “should be” the best in the area.

“We are going public. We are a stock… buy in… This place is going to the top,” concludes Charley Molnar.

4:25pm — Q&A session

–Molnar was not one of his initial picks. Molnar went to them, according to McCutecheon.

–Base salary of only $250,000! It’s a five year deal, per McCutcheon.  Wow, this will be the lowest annual salary in the MAC.

–“No huddle, up tempo football team,” is the goal says Molnar.

–Molnar says this year will be his 6th bowl game with Coach Kelley. Looks like he is staying in South Bend through the end of the year.

–More on that; he says there will be days this month when he is in Amherst and days when his is in South Bend.

–Molnar says he has a staff in mind. Confidently says it should be in place soon.

–Charley says his MAC experience is valuable. He had very good and bad experiences while in the MAC. He knows what things make the biggest differences between a good record and a bad record.

–Coach Molnar talks about the value of Gillette to the program — for coaches, players and fans.

–Molnar is using Boise State as an example of what he would like to see. “We can do the same thing,” Molnar says.

–Molnar says he eyed UMass football the day he read they were moving to the MAC.

4:40pm — End Q&A


Molnar could sell me on just about anything right about now. Incredible first impression. 100% positive.

Go UMass!

  • Will

    Love the new blog. Great to see such a positive coach with a huge vision.

  • @UMassNation

    Thank you, Will. Spread the word and keep on coming back — much appreciated!