UMass Football Head Coach Candidates — Luke Fickell

RDM runs through his take on the candidates for the open UMass football head coach position.

Luke Fickell in the interim head coach at Ohio State. He is a dead man walking at this point because Urban Meyer (or another big name) will be taking over next season. Unlike many of the other candidates I have layed out, Fickell has no ties to the Northeast or UMass in particular. Fickell was born in Columbus and played his college football in Columbus.

Why would this make sense for UMass? Columbus is a long from from Amherst. Yes, but Ohio is a massive recruiting pipeline for MAC football. There is no doubt that Fickle could tap into those resources due to his decade of coaching experience at Ohio State.

If Luke wants to stay in the game as a head coach, the options will be limited. I would say this most certainly gives the University of Massachusetts a shot at convincing him to move east.

Fickell’s team isn’t exactly performing up to Ohio State standards. However, he was given the keys to a leaky ship. Just keeping the thing a float is a small victory. Since October 1st, all of Ohio State’s losses have been close — a touchdown or less.

I think it is important to note that Fickell is currently on a one-year, $775,000 contract at Ohio State. Taking the UMass job would certainly be a pay cut. That said, I doubt any university will be offer Fickell that kind of money next season.

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