Belated Breakdown: UMass’ Beating Of Boston College Basketball

The joking alliteration above just really fell in my lap. I had to do it. I must start off by saying; this is a pretty good note to start the basketball portion of this website on. Maybe that’s why I am giddily writing cheesy headlines.

82-46, UMass over BC. That has a great ring to it.

I will start out on a positive note for Boston College (since there won’t be many). Freshman Patrick Heckman is going to be a good ACC player.

This game started out very even. It was literally a one possession game until about three-fourths of the way through the first half. Remember, it was in fact 16 – 8 Boston College at one point. It wasn’t until the later part of that half when UMass was able to go on a 29 – 9 run.

The most impressive part of the first half was seeing a team that didn’t collapse when pressured for 12 minutes. BC hung around for that period of time, but that’s about all the Eagles could do. Behind point guard Chaz Williams poise has seemingly become an asset. Last year, to the detriment of the team, that type of character was hard to come by.

I want to call out some individual performances as well.

For me, this was Cady Lalanne’s coming out party. Cady shot 5 for 7 in 15 minutes of play. He also added 3 boards and 2 big blocks. In addition to Lalanne, Javorn Farrell continued his growth. Farrell shot 3 for 5 in his 27 minutes on the court. The best part of Javorn’s game on Monday were the 6 assists he dished out. He led the team in that category.

BC didn’t exactly fade without any resistance. Although it wasn’t a huge fight, the Eagles did give some solid effort. This was a 15 point game until under the nine minute mark in the second half. It wasn’t a complete blow out at this point. The Minutemen had to work to keep a decisive advantage.

The Freddie Riley 3-points that pushed the lead to 20 points were when the flood gates opened.

The UMass defense was stifling. Think about it. The Eagles could only muster 4 points in the final 7 minutes of the game. That’s an incredible feat against any team, not to mention an ACC team and on the road. The team did a tremendous job to close out the game. Again, another thing that the 2010-11 Minutemen were awful at.

The team is improving, and fast.

One last note about the game — specifically the broadcast on ESPN3. The UMass fans were as loud or louder than Boston College’s following all game. By the middle of the second half it sounded like a sparsely filled Mullins Center. Good job.


We couldn’t have asked for a better performance in Chestnut Hill.

Even with that being said, I’m still not sure what to expect going into tomorrow’s game in the Bahamas. The way this team reacts to getting smacked around a bit by Florida State will tell us a lot about how far these Minutemen can go in A10 play.

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