Analysis Of MAC Coaching Salaries

Kevin Morris’ base salary was $200,000 per season while at UMass. One would assume that the university will have to pony up a bit more to get a FBS-level coach in to Amherst.

In an attempt to benchmark other pertainent coaching salaries, I sought out the school paid portion of the current Mid-American Conference head coach’s compensation packages. In other words, this is only base salary. It does not include potential bonus payouts, nor does it include money from outside contracts (such as weekly radio shows).

I have been able to compile 12 of the 13 coaches salaries.

Collegiate football head coach is a good field to be in, first of all. The average of the 12 coaches salaries is $366,975. Holistically, the MAC and the Sunbelt Conference tend to be about the lowest head coaching salaries in all of the FBS.

Nationwide, throughout the FBS conferences, the average compensation for head coaches in 2011 is about $1.5 million.

Now that we know what the competition is paying, where do we think UMass will come in compared to other MAC schools?

[Data via USA Today]